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Peruvian Airline Should Have Hired A More Expirenced Crew | Loungtastic

A Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737 jet with 141 passengers on board has veered off the runway, bursting into flames upon landing at the Francisco Carle Airport in Jauja, Peru.

Peruvian Airlines' Boeing 737-300, registration number OB-2036, was involved in an accident and caught fire upon landing at the Francisco Carle Airport around 4:30 pm local time, the company has confirmed.


We Have A Lot To Learn From This

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We're sort of ashamed of the fact that even though we have been doing this for years now, we never saw this video. We knew the story behind it. We've seen pictures. Never did we think "hey, maybe there's a clip of that on Youtube." Well, there is and we finally found it.

Most of you probably know this already, but we'll go over it really quickly anyway. Ray Hanna is sort of an aviation legend. Born in New Zealand, he flew for the RAF (Royal Air Force) and was so good that he was actually one of the founding members of the Red Arrows.

Don't know who they are?

Think the Blue Angels of the United Kingdom. Many might actually argue that they're better than the Blues but we won't touch that subject. We did once and it was a disaster (beers were involved.)

As for this particular flyby, it was performed by Hanna in 1987 for a show called Piece of Cake. It centered around a group of RAF members of the Hornet Squadron. In one of the scenes, a “rebellious” pilot wanted to show the brass where to stick it, so he pulled this stunt.

It's pretty sweet to say the least. Also, that engine sounds out of this world too.  < Nice!

The last Delta 747 lands at Arizona's Pinal Airpark boneyard. Queen of the skies...

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Footage shown includes Sunset Beach, Maho, and the SXM airport.

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UGH! Check it out...

Cracked Airline Windshield

One pilot and one cabin crew injured.

Sichuan 3U8633 from Chongqing to Lhasa diverted to Chengdu. Lost one windshield at FL332. Should have turned off the glass heater via the checklist! Descended to FL240 due to high terrain...

Cabin decomp, FCU failure, and some parts sucked out. Landed safely with busted tires. Send Flowers at 1-800-FLORALS



Another Russian Fighter Intercepted A US Navy Aircraft

A Russian Su-27 fighter jet has intercepted a US Navy EP-3E Aries plane over the Black Sea near Russian airspace and escorted it away in a safe manner, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

Meanwhile, the US Navy announced that a US reconnaissance aircraft was intercepted earlier on Monday by a Russian fighter jet while flying in international airspace over the Black Sea, Xinhua news agency reported.


Here we go...

The US reconnaissance aircraft was spotted approaching Russia’s airspace and was immediately identified by the Su-27 fighter jet “at a safe distance,” Russian news agencies reported, citing a defence ministry statement.

After reporting back to the communications intelligence unit, the fighter jet escorted it away from the Russian airspace “in compliance with all security and safety requirements,” it said.

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According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the fighter jet returned to its home base after the US plane altered its flight course away from Russian airspace.

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The US Navy, in a statement, called the interaction as “determined to be unsafe”, saying the Russian SU-27 conducted “a high speed pass directly in front of the mission aircraft, putting at risk the pilots and crew”.

Also on Monday, a Pentagon spokesperson said that the Russian jet came “very, very close” to the US EP-3 aircraft, adding that it made an additional pass after activating its afterburners to create more turbulence.

There was no communication between the two planes and the encounter lasted about 25 minutes, Spokesperson Eric Pahon told reporters at the Pentagon.

The Pentagon said that the EP-3 was conducting routine operations while the encounter happened, not provoking the Russian activity.

VIDEO: Russian fighter jet intercepts US Navy plane over Black Sea...

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